Mission and Goals

American Daffodil Society Mission Statement

The Mission of the American Daffodil Society is to be an internationally recognized nonprofit association of individuals, organizations, companies, and /or universities dedicated to the encouragement of widespread interest in daffodils, and to research and education with respect to their culture, breeding, preservation, diseases, pests, testing and exhibition.

American Daffodil Society Goals

  1. To actively promote, in a variety of ways, increased public awareness and appreciation of the daffodil as an important plant.
  2. To embrace all types of daffodil hobbyists, and to continually recruit new daffodil enthusiasts in order to maintain a healthy organization. To create more daffodil hobbyists of all kinds.
  3. To serve gardeners’ needs to learn more about all aspects of growing daffodils.
  4. To actively encourage improvements in daffodil breeding by both amateur and professional breeders.
  5. To create more public exhibits of daffodils, both shows and public plantings.
  6. To provide information interchange among daffodil enthusiast, and to serve as a conduit for information between isolated groups, both nationally and internationally. Document daffodil information to prevent its loss.
  7. To set standards for daffodil shows and judges; to continue to improve the quality of judging in shows.
  8. To provide registration of new cultivars, and to work with international authorities on matters of daffodil classification.
  9. To provide financial security consistent with all tax laws pertaining to 501 (c) 3 organizations.
  10. To promote and encourage scientific research on the genus Narcissus.