About DaffSeek

This unique daffodil photo database is a query system sponsored by the American Daffodil Society for the purpose of providing useful information and photos to our Internet visitors.  DaffSeek currently has about 33,500 data records for daffodil varieties.

There are about 41,200 photographs in the database, so the system provides a means to identify many daffodils visually.  Photos were contributed by 378 photographers throughout the world representing 23 countries.  Therefore, the photo you see may have been taken of a flower growing in Australia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, the Netherlands, the United States, or many other countries.  In some cases, there are multiple photos for each daffodil.

Daffseek is a complex daffodil information database with both cultivar and species data. When a specific daffodil is displayed, you often will see one or more large identifying photos. Breeder, hybridizer, or raiser information is shown as well as both seed and pollen parents.

If you are planning on hybridizing, you may display and analyze the descendants of candidate parents. If you want to see a chart of the parents of a daffodil, you may display a pedigree chart.

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