DaffSeek Design and Development

Ben Blake of California, United States, designed and developed DaffSeek, a daffodil photo database and query system. It took an imaginative mind and extraordinary skills to visualize an Internet tool that would be useful for a wide range of Daffodil enthusiasts. He has contributed countless hours to make DaffSeek the tool that you enjoy today. Ben’s vision for DaffSeek is to provide tools for daffodil hybridizers as well as be an informative resource for daffodil growers. This vision is far from complete, so you can look forward to many new features currently in Ben’s imagination!

Lachlan Keown of South Island, New Zealand, is a DaffSeek developer, and has a distinct interest in hybridizing tools. Lachlan approached us with a prototype genealogy program for DaffSeek. Ben and Lachlan were able to take this prototype and customize it to function with the seed and pollen parent information contained in DaffSeek. This was no easy undertaking because some daffodil parents have very complex crosses. Lachlan has already contributed many hours to DaffSeek, and is enthusiastic about the next features he is planning for DaffSeek.