Historic Images

The American Daffodil Society acknowledges the 80 historic sources from 13 countries whose 1468 images and illustrations are included in DaffSeek.

DaffSeek Historic Image Sources

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        A. Frylink and Sons, the Netherlands
        Albert F. Calvert, England, UK
        Alf Ladson Catalog, Victoria, Australia
        Alfredo Barra, Spain
        Antonio José Cavanilles Palop, Spain
        Arnhemia Ohms Catalog, the Netherlands
        Arthur R. Goodwin, England, UK

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        Barr Catalog, England, UK
        Biodiversity Library, MO, United States
        Blom Bulbs Catalog, the Netherlands
        Brian S. Duncan Catalog, Northern Ireland, UK
        Broadleigh Catalog, England, UK

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        Calvert Catalog, England, UK
        Cartwright and Goodwin, England, UK
        Catalog Zandenberg, the Netherlands
        Charles Thonger, England, UK
        Chas. Jones, England, UK
        Christophe Plantin, Unknown country

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        Daniel Rabel, Unknown country
        David Bell Daffodils, South Island, New Zealand
        de Graaff Catalog Photo, the Netherlands
        Dirk Visser and Co. Catalog, the Netherlands
        Dunlop Catalog, Northern Ireland, UK

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        E. J. Allard, England, UK
        E. L. Crandall, United States
        E.A. Bowles, England, UK
        Edward Dalton Smith, England, UK

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        F. Sansom, England, UK
        Floravista Catalog, Washington, United States
        Francisco de Acensâo Mendoça, Portugal
        Frederick W. Burbidge, England, UK

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        George Champion, England, UK
        Georges Rouy, France
        Gertrude Hartland, Cork, Ireland
        Gibson's Nursery Catalog, New Zealand
        Guy L. Wilson Catalog, Northern Ireland, UK

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        Hatfield Gardens Catalog, Ohio, United States
        Heemskerk Catalog, the Netherlands
        Heinrich Moritz Willkomm, Germany
        Henry George Moon, England, UK
        Herbert Chapman Daffodils, England, UK
        Herbertia Publication, Unknown country
        Hermitage Gardens Catalog, United States
        Hudson and Kearns, England, UK
        Humphrey Ewing Sharp, Oratia, New Zealand

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        J.R. McLean Catalog, Washington, United States
        Jacques Barrelier, France
        Javier Fernández Casas, Spain
        John Swain, Ltd., England, UK
        José P. Pizarro, Spain

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        Lillian A. Guernsey, New York, United States
        Loly Yaldon, Unknown country

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        Marely, Unknown country
        Margarida M. Vicente, Figuieira, Spain
        Mario Chavez Marion, Mazatlan, Mexico
        Max Shling Seedsmen Inc., United States
        Ms West, England, UK

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        Oregon Bulb Farms, Oregon, United States

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        P. de Jager and Sons, the Netherlands
        Parks Flower Book Catalog, the Netherlands
        Parr's Nurseries Catalog, New Zealand
        Peter Barr, England, UK
        Pierre Vallet, Unknown country

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        R.H. Bath, Ltd., England, UK
        Rev. G.H. Engleheart, England, UK
        RHS Yearbook, England, UK
        Royal Horticultural Society, England, UK

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        Solly's Hardy Bulb Book, Washington, United States
        Sydenham Edwards, Wales, UK

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        T. E. Díaz, Unknown country
        T. Ernest Waltham, England, UK
        The Bulletin, North Carolina Dept. of Ag, North Carolina, United States
        The Garden, England, UK

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        Unknown Historic Source, Unknown country

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        van Waveren Catalog, the Netherlands

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        Waltz Brothers Catalog, United States
        Warnaar and Co., the Netherlands
        William Baylor Hartland, Ireland
        William F.M. Copeland, England, UK
        Worthington George Smith, England, UK