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Pedigree Chart of Mogley's Favorite, 7 O-R, William R.P. (Bill) Welch, United States, 2008

Hades 2 W-R 
Mrs. R.O. (Sarah) Backhouse, England
Year Registered: 1921
Hades 3
Killigrew 2 Y-O 
Percival D. Williams, England
Year Registered: 1907
Killigrew 7
Ambergate 2 O-O 
Dennis B. Milne, England
Year Registered: 1950
(Hades x Killigrew) x Cornish Fire
Ambergate 7
Cornish Fire 2 Y-O 
Percival D. Williams, England
Year Registered: 1930
Cornish Fire
Mogley's Favorite 7 O-R 
William R.P. (Bill) Welch, United States
Year Registered: 2008
Ambergate x Quick Step
Mogley's Favorite 2
(Beacon x unknown)
Mitylene 2 W-Y 
Rev. G.H. Engleheart, England
Year Registered: 1923
(Beacon x unknown)
Mitylene 6
Wild Rose 2 W-P 
The Brodie of Brodie, Scotland
Year Registered: 1936
Mitylene x Evening
Wild Rose 1
(Blizzard x unknown)
Evening 2 W-W 
Guy L. Wilson, Northern Ireland
Year Registered: 1935
(Blizzard x unknown)
Evening 3
Quick Step 7 W-P 
Grant E. Mitsch, United States
Year Registered: 1965
Wild Rose x N. jonquilla ?
Quick Step 2
N. jonquilla
Division: 13 Species
N. jonquilla 3