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Pedigree Chart of Lough Erne, 3 W-YYR, W.J. (Willy) Dunlop, Northern Ireland, 1955

Kestrel 9 W-GOR 
Percival D. Williams, England
Year Registered: 1907
Kestrel 1
Isola 3 W-YYO 
John T. Gray, New Zealand
Year Registered: 1936
Lough Erne 3 W-YYR 
W.J. (Willy) Dunlop, Northern Ireland
Year Registered: 1955
Isola x Sunstar
Lough Erne
N. abscissus
Division: 13 Species
N. abscissus 1
Will Scarlett 2 W-O 
Rev. G.H. Engleheart, England
Year Registered: 1898
N. abscissus x N. radiiflorus var. poetarum
Will Scarlett 6
N. radiiflorus var. poetarum
Division: 13 Species
N. radiiflorus var. poetarum
Sunstar 3 W-O 
Mrs. R.O. (Sarah) Backhouse, England
Year Registered: 1921
Will Scarlett ? x Unknown
Sunstar 1