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Pedigree Chart of Lilt, 1 W-W, Delia Bankhead, United States, 2007

W.P. Milner 1 W-W 
William Backhouse, England
Year Registered: 1869
W.P. Milner 18
Snipe 6 W-W 
Alexander (Alec) M. Wilson, Wales
Year Registered: 1948
W.P. Milner x N. cyclamineus
Snipe 27
N. cyclamineus
Division: 13 Species
N. cyclamineus 25
Lilt 1 W-W 
Delia Bankhead, United States
Year Registered: 2007
Snipe x Candlepower
Candlepower 1 W-W 
Alec Gray, England
Year Registered: 1975
Candlepower 16