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Pedigree Chart of Langwith, 2 W-Y, Mrs. J. (Barbara) Abel Smith, England, 1969

Brodie 1W-W seedling
Trousseau 1 W-Y 
Percival D. Williams, England
Year Registered: 1934
Brodie 1W-W seedling x Tunis
Trousseau 11
King Alfred 1 Y-Y 
John Kendall, England
Year Registered: 1899
Maximus x Emperor
King Alfred 28
Tunis 2 W-WWY 
Percival D. Williams, England
Year Registered: 1927
(King Alfred x unknown)
Tunis 5
Langwith 2 W-Y 
Mrs. J. (Barbara) Abel Smith, England
Year Registered: 1969
Trousseau x Winter
Langwith 2
Queen of the West 1 Y-Y 
W. Polman-Mooy, the Netherlands
Year Registered: 1907
Queen of the West 1
Halfa 1 W-Y 
The Brodie of Brodie, Scotland
Year Registered: 1920
Queen of the West x White Emperor
Halfa 3
J.B.M. Camm 1 W-Y 
William Backhouse, England
Year Registered: 1869
N. albescens x N. bicolor
J.B.M. Camm 2
White Emperor 1 W-W 
Rev. G.H. Engleheart, England
Year Registered: 1913
J.B.M. Camm x Madame de Graaff
White Emperor 7
Madame de Graaff 1 W-W 
de Graaff Bros., the Netherlands
Year Registered: 1887
Empress x N. albescens
Madame de Graaff 11
Winter 1 W-Y 
George H. Johnstone, England
Year Registered: 1942
Halfa x seedling~