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Pedigree Chart of Kit Hill, 7 Y-YWW, Ron A. Scamp, England, 1995

Gracious 2 W-? 
L. van Leeuwen and Son, the Netherlands
Year Registered: 1931
Green Island 2 W-GWY 
J. Lionel Richardson, Ireland
Year Registered: 1938
Gracious x Seraglio
Green Island 8
Mozart 2 Y-YYR 
The Brodie of Brodie, Scotland
Year Registered: 1911
Princess Mary x Unknown
Mozart 1
Seraglio 3 Y-YYO 
The Brodie of Brodie, Scotland
Year Registered: 1926
Mozart x Gallipoli
Seraglio 4
Gallipoli 2 Y-O 
The Brodie of Brodie, Scotland
Year Registered: 1916
Bernardino x Will Scarlett
Gallipoli 4
Aircastle 3 W-Y 
Grant E. Mitsch, United States
Year Registered: 1958
Green Island x Chinese White
Aircastle 11
Silver Plane 3 W-Y 
Arthur E. Lowe, New Zealand
Year Registered: 1927
Silver Plane 1
Chinese White 3 W-W 
Guy L. Wilson, Northern Ireland
Year Registered: 1937
Silver Plane x (Silver Coin x unknown)
Chinese White 5
Silver Coin 3 W-W 
Percival D. Williams, England
Year Registered: 1935
x N. poeticus var. hellenicus
Silver Coin
Kit Hill 7 Y-YWW 
Ron A. Scamp, England
Year Registered: 1995
Aircastle x N. jonquilla
Kit Hill 3
N. jonquilla
Division: 13 Species
N. jonquilla 3