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Pedigree Chart of Dainty Miss, 7 W-GWW, Grant E. Mitsch, United States, 1966

Rubra 2 W-YYO 
H. A. (Harry) Brown, Australia
Year Registered: 1933
Rubra 6
(Beacon x unknown)
Mitylene 2 W-Y 
Rev. G.H. Engleheart, England
Year Registered: 1923
(Beacon x unknown)
Mitylene 6
Coverack Perfection 2 W-YYO 
The Brodie of Brodie, Scotland
Year Registered: 1930
Mitylene x Fortune
Coverack Perfection 5
Sir Watkin 2 Y-Y 
W. Pickstone, England
Year Registered: 1868
Sir Watkin 20
Fortune 2 Y-O 
Walter T. Ware, England
Year Registered: 1917
Sir Watkin x Blackwell
Fortune 14
Blackwell 2 Y-O 
William Backhouse, England
Year Registered: 1869
Dainty Miss 7 W-GWW 
Grant E. Mitsch, United States
Year Registered: 1966
(Rubra x Coverack Perfection) x N. rupicola subsp. watieri
Dainty Miss 11
N. rupicola subsp. watieri
Division: 13 Species
N. rupicola subsp. watieri 6