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Pedigree Chart of Accord, 2 Y-WWY, William G. Pannill, United States, 1980

Binkie 2 Y-W 
Guy L. Wilson and W. Wolfhagen, Northern Ireland
Year Registered: 1938
Binkie 6
Bethany 2 Y-W 
Grant E. Mitsch, United States
Year Registered: 1958
Binkie x K43 (King of the North x Content)
Bethany 3
King Alfred 1 Y-Y 
John Kendall, England
Year Registered: 1899
Maximus x Emperor
King Alfred 28
King of the North 1 Y-Y 
The Brodie of Brodie, Scotland
Year Registered: 1909
King Alfred x Glory of Noordwijk
King of the North 1
Glory of Noordwijk 1 W-Y 
J. de Groot and Sons, the Netherlands
Year Registered: 1902
Madame de Graaff x Victoria
Glory of Noordwijk
Lord Antrim 1 Y-Y 
Guy L. Wilson, Northern Ireland
Year Registered: 1927
Lord Roberts x King Alfred
Lord Antrim 2
Content 1 W-WWY 
Percival D. Williams, England
Year Registered: 1927
Lord Antrim ? x Beersheba ?
Content 4
Beersheba 1 W-W 
Rev. G.H. Engleheart, England
Year Registered: 1923
White Knight x seedling~
Beersheba 23
Accord 2 Y-WWY 
William G. Pannill, United States
Year Registered: 1980
Bethany x Rus Holland
Accord 2
Rus Holland 1 Y-WWY 
Hugh Dettmann, Australia
Year Registered: 1960
Rus Holland 2