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American Daffodil Society - Daffodil Database with Photos

Daffodil Register & Classified List

Royal Horticultural Society - регистрация на международном сайте нарциссоведов


Books, documents, catalogs, and journals about daffodils including scientific publications, newspaper articles, historical literature and copies of growers catalogs from around the world.


International daffodil discussion forum for people interesting in growing, showing, hybridizing, or photographing daffodils.

регистрация на международном сайте нарциссоведов

The Royal Horticultural Society, United Kingdom, is the International Registration Authority for the genus Narcissus. The application form to register a daffodil cultivar name is located here.

National Daffodil Sites Национальный сайт нарциссов

Американское общество нарциссоведов, Соединенные Штаты

The ADS, founded in 1954, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, educational, charitable organization supported by individual, household, and organizational memberships. The ADS is dedicated to the encouragement of widespread interest in daffodils, and to research and education with respect to their culture, breeding, preservation, diseases, pests, testing and exhibition.

Национальный Нарцисс Общество, Новая Зеландия

The National Daffodil Society (NDS) was founded in 1926 and has many members throughout New Zealand, as well as members from overseas, all with the same passion and enthusiasm for daffodils.

Королевское садоводческое общество, Великобритания

The Royal Horticultural Society is the UK's leading gardening charity dedicated to advancing horticulture and promoting good gardening. The original society was founded under the title "The Horticultural Society of London" in 1804 with an aim to collect plant information and encourage the improvement of horticultural practice. Our link is to their plant search page titled "Find a Plant".

Нарцисс общество, Великобритания

Established in 1898 as the specialist society of Great Britain for all who are interested in the Genus Narcissus.

Local daffodil societies in the U.S. Local daffodil societies in the U.S.

Local daffodil societies of the ADS

Societies from the eight designated regions of the American Daffodil Society