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Flower NameSeedling No.ClassificationHybridizerYearCountryPhotos
Zoe 2 W- 
David V. West, Australia
Year Registered: 1936
   2 W – David V. West1936Australia
Zoe 2 W-W 
J.N. Hancock and Co., Australia
Year Registered: 1976
   2 W – WJ.N. Hancock & Co.1976Australia
Zoe 3 W-Y 
William Jackson, Jr., Australia
Year Registered: 1968
 179/68  3 W – YWilliam Jackson Jr1968Australia
Zoë 5 Y-Y 
Mrs. R.O. (Sarah) Backhouse, England
Year Registered: 1907
   5 Y – YSarah Backhouse1907England
Zoë's Pink 3 W-P 
Ronald C. White, England
Year Registered: 2005
Zoë's Pink
 601  3 W – PRonald C. White2005England