Rose Caprice
2 W-GPP[ большая чаша ]
Mid-Season to Late
Стандартный - 32,5 до 67,5 см (12,8 до 26,6 дюймов)
Yes, до 1952
Специальный вид:
ADS Classics
Оба cемя и пыльца
Используется в качестве родителя:
23 раз семян, 64 раз пыльцы

Fl. 100 mm wide; perianth segments very broadly ovate, blunt or squarish at apex, slightly mucronate, pure white, spreading, concave either side of the midrib, with margins sometimes notched, of waxy substance, overlapping half; the inner segments a little inflexed, convex either side of the midrib, with margins wavy; corona funnel-shaped, lightly ribbed, apricot pink with green at base, paler in tone on the outside, a little frilled, with rim narrowly flanged. Crown is clear pink, paler towards base which is cool green.