3 W-W[ маленькая чаша ]
Very Late
Высокий - больше, чем 67,5 см (26,6 дюйма)
производитель гибридов:
Guy L. Wilson, b 1885 d 1962

Broughshane, Co. Antrim, N. Ireland

Guy L. Wilson
, Северная Ирландия, Великобритания
Yes, до 1947
Специальный вид:
ADS Classics
Оба cемя и пыльца
Используется в качестве родителя:
17 раз семян, 5 раз пыльцы

Fl. 83 mm wide, creamy white; perianth segments very broad, blunt or truncate, mucronate, a little reflexed, overlapping half; the inner segments ovate, not noticeably mucronate, spreading, with margins wavy; corona narrow cup-shaped, closely ribbed, with deep green in tube, mouth straight, tightly frilled, with rim minutely crenate. 

A description from Guy Wilson’s 1950 catalog is as follows: “Portrush – a lovely late flowering variety, bred from Silver Coin x Crimson Braid. Broad, flat pure white perianth of great substance and almost flat, white crown with deep green eye. Tall, vigorous plant with good stem, very free of bloom and increase; should make a good market flower, coming at the end of the season. Has given some very fine seedlings.”

Происхождение названия

Named after the seaside resort town in County Atrim, Northern Ireland.