Great Scott!
2 W-O[ большая чаша ]
В середине сезона
Стандартный - 32,5 до 67,5 см (12,8 до 26,6 дюймов)
Год первого цветения:
Yes, 2000
Количество рассады:
Используется в качестве родителя:
1 раз семян

Fl. forming a double triangle, 110 mm wide, facing up; perianth segments very broadly ovate, shouldered at base, spreading, with margins incurling, smooth and of heavy substance, with midrib showing, overlapping; the inner segments narrower; corona bowl-shaped, ribbed, orange, with occasional flecks of white at rim, mouth flared and wavy, with rim dentate and slightly flanged. Sunproof. Sweetly scented.

Происхождение названия

Named with the quote ‘Great Scott!’ in mind when seeing this flower for the first time, and for Willard Scott the TV weatherman who played the clown Clarabelle in his earlier years.

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