Chicago Hope
1 Y-GYY[ Труба (Длинная чаша) ]
Early to Mid-Season
Стандартный - 32,5 до 67,5 см (12,8 до 26,6 дюймов)
производитель гибридов:
Yes, 2000
Количество рассады:
Используется в качестве родителя:
2 раз пыльцы

Fl. forming a double triangle, 101 mm wide; perianth segments very broadly ovate, mucronate, shouldered at base, yellow, spreading, plane, with margins very slightly incurved, smooth and of heavy substance, with midrib showing, overlapping; inner segments narrower, more nearly acute; corona cylindrical, smooth, slightly deeper in tone than the perianth, with deep green at base, flared and lightly ribbed, frilled, with rim crenate and slightly rolled. Sweetly scented

Происхождение названия

Named for the famous TV show about a hospital and for the Dr Reed’s hope of winning the American Daffodil Society Rose Ribbon (Best Seedling Award)  in a Chicago daffodil show.