Lady Diana
2 W-W[ Grande corona (coppa, mediocoronati) ]
Di mezza stagione
Standard - 32,5 fino 67,5 cm
No, Anno di introduzione 1988
Usato come genitore:
2 volte come seme, 9 volte come polline

Fl. forming a double triangle; perianth segments broadly ovate, blunt, only slightly mucronate, spreading, plane, with midrib showing, overlapping half; the inner segments more narrowly ovate, somewhat inflexed, with margins a little wavy; corona funnel-shaped, lightly ribbed, mouth straight, more or less even, with rim very slightly flanged and minutely crenate. According to the hybridizer, for seven years it failed to flower and he was prepared to discard all bulbs! Three years later, its large blooms stood out in his mother’s garden and at shows was among champions blooms.

Origine del nome

Named after Diana, Princess of Wales (née Spencer).