Will Scarlett
2 W-O[ Grande corona (coppa, mediocoronati) ]
Mid-Season to Late
Alto - più di 67,5 cm
Yes, prima del 1898
Classe speciale:
Lista narcisi storici dell'ADS
Entrambi Seme e Polline
Usato come genitore:
10 volte come seme, 11 volte come polline

Fl. 79 mm wide; perianth segments ovate, blunt, creamy white, reflexed, often twisted, with margins strongly waved or recurved, separated; corona bowl-shaped, broad, ribbed, opening bright rich orange, often fading, with mouth expanded and deeply six-lobed. Cup is of intense fiery orange-scarlet.

A description according to the 1912 issue of the Herbert Chapman Daffodils catalog, “A most magnificent and telling flower. Substantial creamy white petals, and an enormous expanded orange-red cup. General the first flower to strike one in an exhibition stand, and a very popular plant with my customers. A rapid increaser and now much reduced in price. I have found this flower very useful in hybridizing when allied with flowers of perfect form.”