2 Y-YYO[ Narcisos de Copa Grande ]
Early to Mid-Season
Alto - más de 67.5 cm
Yes, antes de 1930
Ascendiente Masculino (Polen): 
A.M. Wilson 2Y-R seedling
de Semilla y Polen
Se utilizó como un padre o madre:
5 veces como semillas, 3 veces como el polen

Fl. more than 108 mm wide; perianth segments broadly ovate, rounded at apex, fairly prominently mucronate, primrose yellow, spreading, smooth, with broad midrib showing, overlapping one-third to a half; the inner segments reflexed in upper half, somewhat creased, with margins wavy and sometimes nicked; corona bowl-shaped, ribbed, golden yellow, with a band of brownish orange at rim, mouth a little frilled, rim crenate and slightly flanged.

According to The American Horticultural Society’s 1937 issue of the The American Daffodil Year Book, B. Y. Morrison’s article “Daffodil Novelty Trials, 1936” states: “Diolite was all that memory painted. First seen in 1931 with covetous eyes, it has been until now a vivid memory. The perianth is a tender clear yellow color and has something of the gay grace of carriage that makes Folly so remarkable. The cup is the same color with a clear band of orange -red that is fairly luminous. I shall want hundreds of this some day when its prices has come down.”

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