Rip van Winkle
4 Y-Y[ Double ]
Very Early
Dwarf - less than 32.5 cm (12.8 in)
Unknown, Ireland
Yes, before 1884
Special Classes:
ADS Historics, ADS Intermediates, New Zealand NDS Intermediates
Used as parent:
1 time as pollen

Fl. about 50 mm wide, pale greenish yellow; perianth and other petaloid segments in several whorls symmetrically superimposed, narrowly ovate and acute, or lanceolate and with prominently incurved mucro, sometimes twisted, with margins tinged green, separated; the outer whorl inflexed; the inner whorls successively more strongly inflexed; corona segments opposite the petaloid segments, a little shorter, clustered at center, more loosely interspersed among the surrounding whorls, obscurely bi-lobed. Variant of N. pumilus?

A description according to Daffodils, narcissus, and how to grow them as a hardy plants for cut… 1907 by Arthur Martin Kirby, “A very rare and interesting doubled form of the single Ajax Minor. A native of Ireland. Dwarf habit. Early and free flowering. The small doubled flowers are pale yellow, and fragrant. Petals pointed and curiously twisted.”

A description according to The Garden Volume 35, Midsummer 1884: “This is a small, narrow-pointed double yellow Daffodil, and is now pretty generally supposed to be a double phase of N. minor, which it resembles in habit time of flowering, and general aspect.