Weardale Perfection
1 W-Y[ Trompeten (Lange Corona) ]
Mid-Season to Late
Groß - grösser als 67,5 cm
Yes, vor 1869
Saat- und Pollenelter
Als Elternteil genutzt:
17 mal als Saat, 24 mal als Pollen

Fl. up to 127 mm wide; perianth segments broadly or very broadly ovate, blunt, only slightly mucronate, milk white or pale sulfur, touched with the corona color at base, inflexed, with margins wavy, somewhat creased or with broad midrib showing, of good substance, overlapping 1/3; inner segments twisted; corona cylindrical, lightly ribbed, primrose yellow, paling a little at base, mouth expanded, rim broadly and irregularly crenate and a little flanged. Resembles a larger and paler-flowered ‘Empress’ with the corona mouth more widely expanded.

Received the FCC award in 1944 under the name of ‘Weardale’.

Ursprung des Namens

This daffodil was originally named ‘Weardale’  by William Backhouse. William’s son Charles renamed this daffodil to ‘Weardale Perfection’. Named after the location where this daffodil was raised, namely Wolsingham in Weardale, England.