3 W-R[ Kleinkronige ]
Mid-Season to Late
Standard - 32,5 bis 67,5 cm
Yes, 1955
Besondere Klasse:
ADS Classics
Saat- und Pollenelter
Als Elternteil genutzt:
24 mal als Saat, 44 mal als Pollen

Fl. 112 mm wide; perianth segments very broadly ovate, blunt, slightly mucronate, pure white, spreading, plane or a little concave, smooth and of heavy substance, regular, overlapping 1/3 to 1/2; inner segments more narrowly ovate, a little inflexed, shouldered at base; corona shallow bowl-shaped, heavily ribbed, orange-red, with mouth split in places and overlapping, loosely frilled.

Ursprung des Namens

Named after a tiny island 300 miles from Scotland and 290 miles from Ireland that is really more of a rock. Rochall is 65 feet tall, 100 feet long, and 83 feet wide. Using Turnberry Scotland as their airstrip, Rockall was used as a practice bombing target for pilots for Allied forces during WW II.