Little Alice
4 Y-O[ Double ]
Early to Mid-Season
Standard - 32.5 to 67.5 cm (12.8 to 26.6 in)
Yes, 2009
Special Classes:
ADS Intermediates, New Zealand NDS Intermediates, The Daffodil Society Intermediates
Seed Parent: 
Division 4
Seedling Number:

Fl. 64 mm wide, rounded; perianth and other petaloid segments 24 mm long, in two whorls, yellow; the outer whorl very broadly ovate, rounded at apex, with prominent white mucro, spreading, plane to concave, with margins a little wavy, smooth and of heavy substance, overlapping half or more; the inner segments narrower, less prominently mucronate, more nearly plane; the inner whorl not noticeably mucronate, with margins strongly inflexed, deeply incurved and folded inwards along the midrib; corona segments 15 mm long, half to two-thirds the width of the perianth and other petaloid segments and regularly arranged between them in two whorls, obscurely bi-lobed; the outer whorl spreading or slightly inflexed, plane; the inner whorl strongly inflexed and folded inwards along the midrib. Sunproof. Sweetly scented. Intermediate size.

Origin of Name

Named for Nial and Hilary Watson’s daughter, Alice.