2 Y-Y[ Large-Cupped ]
Mid-Season to Late
Tall - greater than 67.5 cm (26.6 in)
Yes, before 1949
Special Class:
ADS Classics
Both Seed and Pollen fertile
Used as parent:
3 times as seed, 2 times as pollen

Fl. primrose lemon; corona shallow, bowl-shaped.

A description according to Cotter’s 1972-73 catalog: “An all-yellow large-cupped variety which takes a considerable time to develop on the plant after the blooms unfold, developing thick smooth substance and an event lemon shade throughout”

A description according to deJager’s 1963 catalog: “a distinct and most lovely flower, on first opening it appears thin in texture and washy in colour, but in a few day’s time it develops into a firm textured flower of beautifully refined an smooth quality, perfectly propositioned form and broad smooth perianth and neat slightly flanged rather shallow bowl shaped crown, while its colour is a lovely primrose self.”