King of the North
1 Y-Y[ Trumpet Long-Cupped ]
Early to Mid-Season
Standard - 32.5 to 67.5 cm (12.8 to 26.6 in)
Yes, before 1909
Special Class:
ADS Historics
Both Seed and Pollen fertile
Used as parent:
38 times as seed, 5 times as pollen

Same description in the catalogs of Alan Gibson 1936, H. Poole 1938 and George Lewis 1943: “A grand clear yellow “Ajax” of largest size, very broad overlapping perianth and fine expanded trumpet with well serrated brim. Very striking.”

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King of the northKing of the North, 1 Y-Y, The Brodie of Brodie, Scotland, 1909, Scotland 
Photo: Willis H. Wheeler, USA
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