1 Y-Y[ Trumpet Long-Cupped ]
Early to Mid-Season
Tall - greater than 67.5 cm (26.6 in)
Yes, before 1927
Both Seed and Pollen fertile
Used as parent:
1 time as seed, 4 times as pollen

Fl. about 127 mm wide; perianth segments ovate, acute, mucronate, canary yellow, slightly inflexed, overlapping one-third; the inner segments narrower, more strongly inflexed in lower half, reflexed towards apex; corona cylindrical, smooth, chrome yellow, with mouth ribbed and expanded, rim deeply crenate and widely flanged.

According to the July 1940 issue of Journal of the California Horticultural Society, in the article “Daffodils in the Pacific Northwest” by Grant Mitsch, he states: “…a pure, deep rich yellow possessing perhaps the finest texture and most finished, velvety textured, well-flanged trumpet of any variety I grow. The perianth is not quite as flat as one might desire but otherwise this is one of the finest yellow daffodils.”

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ElginElgin, 1 Y-Y, The Brodie of Brodie, Scotland, 1927, Scotland 
Historic Image: RHS Yearbook, England
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