Coverack Perfection
2 W-YYO[ Large-Cupped ]
Mid-Season to Late
Tall - greater than 67.5 cm (26.6 in)
Yes, before 1930
Special Class:
ADS Historics
Both Seed and Pollen fertile
Used as parent:
3 times as seed, 3 times as pollen

Fl. 91 mm wide; perianth segments broadly ovate, blunt, fairly prominently mucronate, greenish white (2D), spreading, a little concave, creased, overlapping one-third; the inner segments a little inflexed and somewhat twisted; corona funnel-shaped, broad and shallow, closely ribbed, brilliant greenish yellow 7C, tinged green in tube, with yellow-orange (17B) in a narrow band at rim and lightly suffusing the ribs, mouth split in places and overlapping, wavy, rim irregularly crenate.

A description according to the Calvert Catalog dated 1935: “Broad white perianth, with large shallow saucer crown, edged and flushed with pale salmon gold.”

Origin of Name

Part of the Brodie of Brodie’s “Coverack” name series.