2 Y-YOO[ Large-Cupped ]
Mid-Season to Late
Tall - greater than 67.5 cm (26.6 in)
Yes, before 1927
Both Seed and Pollen fertile
Used as parent:
5 times as seed, 3 times as pollen

Fl. forming a double triangle, 86 mm wide, facing down; perianth segments broadly ovate, blunt, only slightly mucronate, vivid greenish yellow 2A, paler at midrib and apex, spreading or a little inflexed, with margins minutely incurling at apex, creased, overlapping one-third to a half; the inner segments with margins wavy and sometimes more strongly incurling; corona short funnel-shaped, loosely ribbed, strong orange, paling to golden yellow at base, with mouth straight and more or less even, rim irregularly crenate

A description according to Travers Morrison’s 1950 “Daffodils” catalog: “A striking flower with a very broad soft yellow perianth of great substance; the large crown is bowl-shaped, bright orange-red, shading to gold at base. A very tall, strong grower. A.M. RHS (Eng.) 1931, and Birmingham, 1932, as a show flower.”

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