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Descendants of Mr. Jinks 3 W-YOO 
The Brodie of Brodie, Scotland
Year Registered: 1928
Bernardino x Sunstar
Mr. Jinks
, 3 W-YOO, The Brodie of Brodie, Scotland, 1928Display pdf report
Used as a parent 3 times as seed, 1 time as pollen

  Corofin 3 W-YYR 
J. Lionel Richardson, Ireland
Year Registered: 1943
Seraglio x Mr. Jinks
, 3 W-YYR, J. Lionel Richardson, Ireland, 1943     
  Derring 2 W-R 
Arthur Owen Roblin, Australia
Year Registered: 1945
Mr. Jinks x Hades
, 2 W-R, Arthur Owen Roblin, Australia, 1945    
  Gwennie 3 W-W 
Campbell Duncan, Australia
Year Registered: 1950
Mr. Jinks x Moina
, 3 W-W, Campbell Duncan, Australia, 1950    
  Omaha 3 W-YYR 
Ballydorn Bulb Farm, Northern Ireland
Year Registered: 1974
Mr. Jinks x Lichfield
, 3 W-YYR, Ballydorn Bulb Farm, Northern Ireland, 1974