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Descendants of Bobolink 2 W-YYO 
Grant E. Mitsch, United States
Year Registered: 1965
Galata x Tuskar Light
, 2 W-YYO, Grant E. Mitsch, United States, 1965Display pdf report
Used as a parent 1 time as seed, 1 time as pollen

  Caratal 11a W-YYO 
Ron A. Scamp, England
Year Registered: 2017
Canasta x Bobolink
, 11a W-YYO, Ron A. Scamp, England, 2017    
  Spinning Chorus 2 Y-Y 
Frank B. Galyon, United States
Year Registered: 2005
Bobolink x Armada
Spinning Chorus
, 2 Y-Y, Frank B. Galyon, United States, 2005