Mary Gay Lirette
11a W-P[ Split-Cupped Collar ]
Early to Mid-Season
Standard - 32.5 to 67.5 cm (12.8 to 26.6 in)
Daffodil color or division may vary as the bloom reaches full maturity.
Yes, 2013
W. van Lierop and Sons
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Fl. 95mm wide; perianth segments 35mm long, roundish, very broad, mucronate, white, spreading, plane or with margins a little incurved, with midrib showing, of heavy substance, overlapping half or more; the inner segments narrower, broadly ovate, blunt, scarcely mucronate, shouldered at base, slightly inflexed; corona 40mm long, split to base, the six segments each closely overlying a perianth segment, forming an outer and an inner whorl of three, the outer whorl of the same width as the perianth segments, the inner whorl a little narrower, deeply lobed, with lobes overlapping, light pinkish-yellow, smooth, frilled. Sweetly scented.

Origin of Name:

Named in honor of a good friend of the Heath family who held their musical community together for many years by sharing her incredible talent as a professional pianist.